Trade Mark services

Filing and Prosecution

We have experience in the filing and registration of trade marks, both in Australia and other countries. This includes the preparation of ‘evidence of use’ to support trade mark registrations. We also conduct searches of the Australian Trade Marks Register to determine any obstacles you may encounter on the path to registration, such as earlier conflicting marks which may present infringement issues.

Protection can range from your company name and logo, to brand names for each of your proposed products to be marketed. We can advise on trade mark selection and development at the beginning of the design phase, as well as the registrability of an existing mark.

Conflict resolution

We have particular expertise in freedom to operate analysis and developing commercially practical ad-vice and solutions. Some strategies involve trade mark oppositions, or the removal of non-use and related actions before the Australian Trade Mark Office. These matters are handled directly by Jones Tulloch. Where it is necessary for action to be taken before the courts, we will assist in providing legal representation of the highest quality and expertise.

Portfolio management

We are highly experienced in IP portfolio management and can fully manage our clients’ trade mark portfolios. This may include provision of services, on an ongoing basis, or by periodic portfolio audits. Such services may include trade mark watching, or the monitoring of maintenance and renewal fees.