Protecting your interests in the event of disputes
We are a specialist IP firm providing services as qualified Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys. This sets us apart from law firms that specialise in IP corporate law and IP litigation, as we are not affiliated with any one firm for legal matters. We are able to work with your chosen legal service provider or seek the appropriate service for your budget and the expertise necessary for the proceedings.
Our qualified Patent Attorneys are experienced in handling disputes before the Australian and New Zealand Patent Offices, such as re-examinations and oppositions. We act for both the applicant and the opponent. In many cases, these disputes have progressed to the courts. This does not end our involvement in the matter, as we continue to provide technical input and litigation support to the relevant law firm.

Patent drafting
We are highly experienced in patent drafting both for the Australian and international markets. Our drafting services are particularly focussed on the pharmaceutical, agricultural, veterinary and biotechnology fields. Our objective is to provide a product of the highest quality, in a timely and cost effective manner.

We have a team of highly experienced paralegals who arrange filing of patent applications in Australia and internationally. The filing process is supervised at all times by a qualified attorney. Our attorneys are qualified to practice directly in Australia and New Zealand. Our cost structure is most competitive, but with no loss in quality or efficiency.

In processing patent applications from filing to grant, we pride ourselves in providing a highly efficient and effective prosecution service. The prosecution of every patent application is overseen by a partner and handled by an attorney or patent scientist with qualifications relevant to the technology involved. Where appropriate, we offer a fixed price prosecution process which both reduces overall costs and provides our clients with more certainty of expected costs for budgeting purposes.