Patent services

Strategic advice

A key focus of our practice is providing strategic intellectual property advice to our clients. We meet with our clients regularly to review research developments and identify protectable IP. We also assist our clients to protect and exploit their IP, as well as deal with the conflicting rights of other entities. Using patent rights as a key business tool is a central tenet of our practice.

Another focus of our practice is assisting our clients to commercialise their patent rights and, in particular, to find and exploit commercial opportunities that the patent landscape may present. We also assist our clients to reinforce their intellectual property portfolios where this is commercially desirable.

Our strategic advice encompasses risk management analyses and, in particular, analysis and provision of solutions over the entire patent lifecycle.

Conflict resolution

A further key focus of our practice is in the area of patent conflict minimisation or, where appropriate, conflict resolution. We have particular expertise in freedom to operate analyses and developing commercially practical advice and solutions.

Where such strategies involve patent oppositions, patent re-examinations and related actions before the Australian Patent Office, these matters are handled directly by Jones Tulloch.

Where it is necessary for action to be taken before the courts, we will assist in providing legal representation of the highest quality and expertise.

Portfolio management

We are highly experienced in intellectual property portfolio management and can fully manage our clients’ patent portfolios. This may include provision of services on an ongoing basis or periodic portfolio audits.

Where required, we can provide our clients with secure access to their personalised patent databases allowing instant access to their data. We can also provide regular status reports, together with an executive summary reporting on progress.

Patent drafting

We are highly experienced in patent drafting both for the Australian and international markets. Our drafting services are particularly focussed on the pharmaceutical, agricultural, veterinary and biotechnology fields, but we have access to expertise in all technical areas. Our objective is to provide a product of the highest quality, in a timely and cost effective manner.


We have access to a team of highly experienced paralegals who arrange filing of patent applications in Australia and internationally. The filing process is supervised at all times by a qualified attorney. Our attorneys are qualified to practice directly in Australia and New Zealand.

Our cost structure is most competitive, but with no loss in quality or efficiency.


In processing patent applications from filing to grant, we pride ourselves in providing a highly efficient and effective prosecution service. The prosecution of every patent application is overseen by a partner and handled by an attorney or patent scientist with the most relevant qualifications to the technology involved.

Where appropriate, we offer a fixed price prosecution process which both reduces overall costs and provides our clients with more certainty of expected costs for budgeting purposes.